The 5 Easiest Instruments to Learn for Adults

Studies have shown that children are more likely to grasp concepts as their brain is still in the developing stage and find it easier to remember and recollect things. As we grow older learning a new language, skill or even an instrument might get a little difficult. However, a little practice takes us a long way.

Don’t get disheartened. If you are genuinely interested and are ready to invest your time and efforts into learning an instrument then you can definitely accomplish your dream. To help ad motivate you here are 5 instruments that are considered easier as compared to the others to learn :

1. Keyboard

The number of keys on the keyboard might daunt you. Believe it or not, the keyboard is one of the easiest instruments to learn. The notes are laid out right in front of you. Once you get a hang of the keys your fingers will move on their own. It might take a few hours to perfect the coordination for both hands but once you get that you are good to go. You need to focus mainly o your left and right-hand coordination and reading music. Once you know both, reading the notes for the keyboard is clear-cut. You can also learn a specific song if you want to do so. After learning the complete basics of the keyboard you will be able to understand and play any song you wish to. Electronic keyboards in particular are very versatile as well as low maintenance. They are easy to store and are cheaper compared to getting a piano.


2. Recorder

The recorder is a wind instrument that many might say looks like a flute. It is however cheaper as compared to purchasing a flute. A recorder also sounds beautiful if someone plays it well. It doesn’t require large storage space, as it is a small, easy to carry around, musical instrument. The best part about a recorder is that it doesn’t require too much breath for the sound to play like a flute, which makes it more ideal and practical for adult beginners. Recorders are usually made of either plastic or wood. The wood recorder has a richer sound as compared to the plastic one. The plastic one is cheaper, so if you are unsure about learning the instrument you can start with the cheaper one and then move on to buy the wood recorder.

3. Percussion Instruments

Percussion instruments are organic and much easier to master. Percussion instruments

In simple words are musical instruments that are played but shaking or hitting. There are no set notes for these instruments. If you are someone who is not very confident with a tuning instrument then these are the best instruments to learn. If you love salsa, then you can learn the bongo, which is two conjoined drums that you use to create beats. Playing percussion instruments helps develop and strengthen motor skills. Percussion instruments are great for the mind and body.


4. Ukelele

Ukele is like a mini guitar. It is small and portable and much easier to learn. It has four strings that are easy to press. It sounds very relaxing and beautiful. You can learn a few chords and play multiple songs with them as the base sound. Ukulele is also easy to carry around, so you can take it around to the park or a road trip and continue practicing it everywhere. You can also learn the Ukelele by yourself at your home. You can use online platforms or youtube videos to learn it. Once you get good at the instrument, you can eventually shift and start learning the guitar.

5. Lyre Harp

Just like how the ukelele is a mini version of a guitar, the lyre harp is a mini version of a harp. A lyre harp is small and can be rested on the knee, it is much easier to learn it as compared to a harp. The lyre harp has seven to ten strings. It does not hurt the fingers while playing it. It is also much cheaper as compared to purchasing a harp. The sound emitted from a lyre harp is calming and ethereal. It soothes the mind and soul. Harp comes in different sizes so you can always choose the one that you find the most convenient.

Music is an emotion. Being able to play something that emits a beautiful tune or beat can help your mind and might be a form of releasing your emotions. It is never too late to learn a new instrument. All you need is some practice and dedication and you will learn any instrument you like. If you want to explore learning an instrument, you can check out Music Pandit's course list in order to begin - https://musicpandit.com/courses